The growing complexity and dynamism of the competitive system in the era of globalization and digitization requires new professionalism able to address the problems in an interdisciplinary, flexible and innovative way. The figure of the Management Engineer responds to the needs of today's markets and this is the reason why the Management Engineer is increasingly appreciated and required both in the business world and in the public administration.

The Management Engineering deals with the solution of problems of technical, economic, managerial and organizational nature in the processes of production and consumption of goods and / or services using methods and solving skills characteristic of engineering.

The management engineer uses quantitative tools, decision-making supports and methodological rigor typical of engineering sciences in order to achieve optimizing solutions. The engineering vision and method applied to management and organizational problems allow the achievement of higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness of solutions, contribute to a better understanding of business phenomena, facilitate the identification and control of the most significant decision variables in the various business processes, lay the foundation for continuous improvement of business results on measurable parameters and, finally, lend themselves to the construction of well-structured relationships between the various functions of the company and between companies.

While the preparation of a three-year management engineer is based on a solid basic training built on disciplines such as mathematics, physics, economics, statistics, operations research, computer science and design skills borrowed from the main engineering disciplines to which are added the characterizing disciplines, namely those relating to the fields of production technologies, industrial plants and economic-management engineering, the educational objective of the master's degree focuses more on the management training of the management engineer.

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